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About MMA Structural Adhesives



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Methylmethacrylate adhesives (MMA’s) are reactive acrylic adhesives normally comprising resin and initiator (or a resin and hardener). They cure quickly at room temperature and strength development is rapid. Once cure is complete, the material forms a strong thermoplastic with excellent resistance to shear, peel and impact stresses.  Most MMA adhesives contain rubber which helps give them these strength properties.  

What will they bond?
MMA adhesives will bond most substrate materials including metal, magnets, plastic, glass, wood, and composite materials and are fairly tolerant of poor surface condition (such as oil contamination). Because of their high strength performance, they are often used to replace welding or riveting and can allow greater freedom of material choice. They can be used to bond dissimilar materials as well as to improve finished appearance. The inbuilt rubber toughening system gives a degree of flexibility required to cope with differential thermal expansion and contraction and thermal shock.  

Where are they used?
They are used widely in the aerospace, automotive, composites and transport market sectors, often for structural bonding of advanced materials. They can also be used for bonding magnets for items such as loudspeakers and electric motors. Their rapid cure speed is desirable on a fast moving production line and their strength performance is above and beyond what is required.  

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