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DCT Cleaning Machines



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C R D stands for: 
C: Cleaning 
R: Rinsing 
D: Drying 

DCT offers more than 20 types of cleaning machines (also custom-made products can be realized). 


PCB cleaning after soldering
Why clean the print circuit boards after soldering?
  • It ensures that the resulting product has a far longer lifespan and is reliable for longer.  
Trends that raise demands on cleanliness in the pick-and-place process
  • The general miniaturisation of PCB
  • The reduction of operating voltage
  • Narrower and smaller component spacing
  • Shorter distances between conducting paths
  • The rise in the use of electronics in all areas of industry

What are the most common problems?  
  •   Corrosion causing leakage current and short circuits  
  •   Dendrite formation causing leakage current and short circuits  

What causes these problems?
  • Flux residue on PCB 

Stencils, misprints and squeegees cleaning

Why to clean stencils, squeegees and misprints of PCB?
  • 51 – 72 % of the errors caused by soldering happen as the result of poor solder paste printing.

What are the most common problems?
  • Not enough paste is applied
  • Solder joint connection
  • Creation of "Solder ball"

What causes these problems?
  • The residue of old solder paste remaining on the template

Conformal Coating cleaning from coating: pcns, frames and machine parts

Why to remove coating PCB and parts of coating devices?
  • Coating PCBs: enables the removal of defective components from PCB, re-soldering and coating
  • Coating frames and parts for coating devices: Makes sure of fully-functioning coating frames and coating technology

What are the most common problems?
  • PCBs: failure of components on PCB during the lifespan of a product
  • Dendrite formation and corrosion beneath the coating and resulting leakage current and short circuits
  • Coating frames and parts of coating devices: Layers of hardened coating blocking coating device frames and parts so that the coating process is not 100 % possible.

Cleaning of filters of reflow ovens and waves, soldering frames cleaning

Why to clean filters, coolers and soldering frames?
  • To ensure a stability of the soldering profile and extend the life of parts

What are the most common problems?
  • Filters and parts of soldering technology: incorrect functioning of filters, coolers, and other parts, affecting of circulation of air and setting of solder profile
  • Soldering frames: incorrect position of PCB in the frame, no functions of clamps and fixation springs

What causes these problems?
  • Flux and other residue from the soldering process

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