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PANACOL Elecolit 6607 | New

PANACOL Elecolit 6607 | New

Elecolit® 6607 is a one component, thermally conductive adhesive with excellent metal bonding. Elecolit® 6607 can be cured at 80°C within one hour. It can be processed via dispenser, screen printing or spatula.   
Panacol Elecolit® adhesives are solvent free single or two-component adhesives. They are mostly based on epoxy resin and can be cured at room temperature or by exposure of heat. Elecolit® adhesives are electrically and / or thermally conductive adhesives which are designed for potting, bonding or contacting of conductors. 

Elecolit® 6607 is a one-component adhesive and cures under exposure to heat. 

Thermal curing:
  • Time at 80°C is 60 min 
  • Time at 120°C is 30 min 
  • Time at 150°C is 10 min

Technical data:
  • Resin: epoxy 
  • Appearance grey 
  • Filler aluminium: oxide 
  • Filler – weight [%]: 50   
  • Viscosity [mPas]: 50 000 - 65 000 
  • Density [g/c m³]: 1,75 
  • Flash point [°C]: >100 
  • Worklife time [h]: 48  
  • Hardness shore D: 006 
  • Temperature resistance [°C]: -40 - 200  

PANACOL Elecolit 6607

PANACOL Elecolit 6607 | New
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