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PERMABOND 3D90 3D Print Infiltrant | New

PERMABOND 3D90 3D Print Infiltrant | New

Permabond 3D90 has been developed for use as an infiltrant for toughening 3D printed parts. It is a low odour, non-fogging, non-frosting alkoxyethyl cyanoacrylate. Its ultra-low viscosity is ideal for wicking into porous surfaces and its delayed cure allows deeper penetration into larger parts. The low odour formulation allows use in large dip baths or for coating large surfaces. Using Permabond 3D90 on printed parts helps strengthen and protect them, as well as fill any voids or porosities and give a smooth, shiny finished appearance.

Features & Benefits
  • Ultra-low viscosity and delayed cure speed allows good depth of penetration into parts 
  • Alkoxyethyl formulation is low odour and minimises powdery white residue on surfaces 
  • Low odour makes it suitable for use in dip baths for large parts 
  • Solvent-free formulation helps minimise workplace hazard 
  • Adds extra strength and significantly improves printed part performance and durability 
  • Fills voids and porosities Moisture cure mechanism - no need for measuring and mixing, UV lamp or oven to cure adhesive 
  • Easy to apply either as “on the spot” coating or in a dip bath 
  • Suitable for use on simple or complex, large or small parts 
  • Clear, colourless appearance 
  • Tack-free finish

Maximum Surface Quality in 3D Printing through Plasma Activation 

PERMABOND 3D90 3D Print Infiltrant

PERMABOND 3D90 3D Print Infiltrant | New
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