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piezobrush® PZ3 - the worlds smallest plasma handheld device | New

piezobrush® PZ3 - the world's smallest plasma handheld device | New

The piezobrush® PZ3 has been developed as a compact plasma handheld device for use in laboratories, pre-development and assembly of small series. With a maximum power consumption of 18 W, cold active plasma with a temperature of less than 50°C is generated using Piezoelectric Direct Discharge (PDD®) technology. The heart of this handy plasma device is the piezo plasma generator TDK CeraPlas™ - a high-voltage transformer for generating cold atmosphericpressure plasma.   

Fields of application
  • Joining technology 
  • Development and optimization of production processes 
  • Research facilities and laboratories 
  • Microbiology, microfluidics and food technology 
  • Medical and dental technology 
  • Prototype and architectural model making 
  • Small-scale production   

Possible use cases 
  • Activation and functionalization of surfaces of various materials
  • Optimization of bonding, painting, printing and coating processes
  • Surface treatment of plastics, glass, ceramics, metals, semiconductors, natural fibres and composite materials 
  • Ultra-fine cleaning and odor reduction  

Technical details 
  • Electrical connection: 110-240 V / 50-60 Hz 
  • Power consumption: max. 18 W 
  • Weight: 110 g 
  • Plasma temperature: < 50 °C 
  • Treatment speed: 5 cm²/s 
  • Typical treatment distance: 2 – 10 mm 
  • Typical treatment width: 5 – 29 mm  

piezobrush® PZ3 - the world\'s smallest plasma handheld device

 piezobrush® PZ3 - the world
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