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TECTYL 558-AMC is an amber colored, solvent cutback, slightly thixotropic wax base corrosion preventive compound with good water displacing properties. It is primarily intended for spray application to enclosed boxes, seams, joints and other creviced locations of vehicles, susceptible to corrosion.

TECTYL 558-AMC is recommended as primer coat for 2-layer systems. After a relatively short drying period it can be sprayed over with other TECTYL products without sagging or dripping. It dries to a dark amber colored, translucent, waxy, semi-firm, slightly tacky film.

Strong penetration and superior protection: With its strong penetration, TECTYL 558-AMC will protect the surface against corrosion, even in small seams and crevices and will displace water where needed.

Excellent underbody corrosion resistance with dual coating: When applying TECTYL 120, TECTYL 120-EH, TECTYL 121-LV or TECTYL 122-A on top of TECTYL 558-AMC, the combination makes an underbody coating with excellent corrosion resistance.

Economic Efficiency: With a DFT of only 50 microns TECTYL 558-AMC can protect a big surface with just little amount of the product.

Typical properties

Recommended dry film thickness: 50 microns
Theoretical coverage with
Recommended DFT:
7 m2/L
Cure time at 20°C: 24 hours
Penetration capability after 30 minutes:
(MAN TUC15-015)
> 50 mm
Technical properties at 20°C
Density: 0,86 kg/L
Viscosity; DIN (53211):
Cup No. 4 at 20°C (at time of manufacture)
21 sec
Flashpoint: 40°C
Non Volatile: 42 weight-%
Volatile organic compund content:
ISO 11890-2 (10.4)
496 g/L
Accelerated corrosion tests
with average recommended DFT

Salt Spray; 5% NaCl at 35°C:
ISO 9227 NSS (Q-Panels, Type R, ASTM A1008)
21+ days
Humidity; 100% RH at 40°C:
ISO 6270-2 CH (Q-Panels, Type R, ASTM A1008)
75+ days
Estimated protection period

Indoor: 18 months

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