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ZIP-CHEM D-5652 / ZC-652 BULK



ZIP-CHEM D-5652 / ZC-652 BULK

ZIP-CHEM D-5652 / ZC-652 BULK

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D-5652 is an environmentally sensible hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), designed to replace CFCs, PFCS and other HCFCS in a variety of applications. It's selective solvency and physical properties makes D-5652 ideal for precision cleaning, drying and defluxing of high sensitivity parts. D-5652 is thermally stable, nonflammable and has a substantially lower global warming potential (GWP) than PFCS and HFCS. D-5652 has an extremely low ozone depletion potential, (ODP of D-5652 = 0.03 vs. HCFC 141b = 0.11).

D-5652 is an excellent CFC replacement for a variety of cleaning processes such as instruments, electrical connectors and switches, APU kits, bearings and oxygen system equipment. We always recommend pretesting D-5652 on sensitive plastics, acrylics and polystyrenes and on elastomers, like urethane or silicone rubber, before production uses.

D-5652 is nonflammable, nonexplosive and non-injurious to metal, paint and varnished surfaces, as well as most plastics and elastomers. D-5652 has nearly identical characteristics as CFC-113; excellent permeability due to it's low surface tension and a short drying time. D-5652 will solubilize may of the fluorinated and perfluorinated greases like Krytox and Braycote 806.

Physical Properties:
  • Flash Point: None
  • Boiling Point (C°): 54
  • Density (g/cm, 25°C): 1.55
  • Surface Tension (dyne/cm, 25°C): 16.22KB 
  • Value: 31
  • Ozone Depletion Potential: 0.03

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ZIP-CHEM D-5652 / ZC-652 BULK

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