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PERMABOND F201HV Hydrogen Sealant




PERMABOND F201HV Hydrogen Sealant

PERMABOND F201HV Hydrogen Sealant
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Permabond F201HV anaerobic sealant is a high-strength, high-performance engineering adhesive designed for sealing metal pipe joints and it also has Kiwa's strict Inorm KE214 hydrogen standard.

This special product contains a high-tech rubber core-shell matrix, which absorbs vibration and impact stress without the adhesive cracking. It is ideal for mismatched metal joints where differential expansion and contraction could be an issue or where there could be thermal shock. 

Hydrogen gas is an extremely explosive, high energy, searching gas. It is vital that pipework connections are sealed with approved materials such as F201HV.

This toughened product is ideal for use in the plumbing, valve and gas distribution industry. It is approved for contact with gas and hot water, as well as recently receiving certification for use in hydrogen gas systems. The KIWA approval allows appliance manufacturers to use this anaerobic sealant safely, in the knowledge that it is suitable for use with hydrogen pipework and is fully resistant to the tiny molecular structure of H2, which is an extremely “searching” gas.

F201HV is ideal for bonding, Alloy, Aluminium, Anodised surfaces, Brass, Chrome, Copper, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Tin, Zinc and many more.

Target applications and industries:
  • Boiler manufacturers
  • Gas meter manufacturers and installers
  • Gas regulators, valves and pipework
  • Appliance manufacturers - e.g. stoves
  • Gas supply network, transport and storage

Permabond F201HV key features, benefits an typical applications:
  • KIWA approved for contact with gas & hot water, as well as special hydrogen certificate - Inorm KE214
  • WRAS approved for water
  • High strength - ideal for domestic gas meters, prevents tampering
  • Ideal for hydrogen gas valves, joints and fittings as high strength joints can not be accidentally loosened or undone
  • No soldering, brazing or welding required = safer use
  • Rapid, full cure at room temperature
  • Single part, no need to weigh or mix material
  • Thixotropic -  allows easy dispensing but does not drip off components
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Can be used for regulator & valve sealing
  • Industrial burners
  • Boiler applications

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